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Welcome to Lycon Distribution

LYCON wax is a new wonder in waxing and will revolutionise your business! LYCON has a variety of products to suit every client from sensitive skin to stubborn, short hair. See our products here...

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Cape Town Office
Phone / Fax: +27 (0)21 919 2480

Pretoria Office
Phone: +27 (0)74 824 6197

Johannesburg Office
Phone: +27 (0)79 813 1563

KZN Office
Phone: +27 (0)61 360 0550
What some of our clients say:

“It is always a pleasure to do business with Lycon Distribution. Your service is excellent and staff friendly and professional.”

– Gillian Allen

“Trust you are well. I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the strawberry hot wax, I have trained and worked with a number of well known waxing products and Lycon hot wax must be the best I have used. The wax is really fantastic, clients have also said the waxing is much more comfortable and the skin is left silky soft and no irritation at all. Thank you for your excellent service and wonderful products!”

– Body Wishes Beauty Salon

“Lycon Distribution service is excellent as always.”

– Beach Hut Beauty

“We don’t want to use any other wax than Lycon wax.”

– Whale House Manor & Spa

“Lycon is the best wax I have ever worked with. It changed my life.”

– Siobhan Kriek

“I am proud to mention that I have used Lycon for the past 2 years and the product has never let me or my clients down. I will be a Lycon ambassador for life.”

– ISA Marketing Office

“We are fully booked with waxes since we changed to Lycon wax. It is the best product on the market.”

– Constantia Skincare

“Lycon is the best wax on the market we will not use any other wax. Lycon Distribution staff goes out of their way to assist us when we need wax urgently. Your service is the best.”

– Life Day Spa

“We must compliment you on your friendly efficient staff. They are always on time and very professional.”

– Essence Beauty

“When Lycon Distribution says they will deliver they always do. They are the only beauty supplier that we can rely on. I used Lycon wax overseas and so thankful to get it in South Africa.”

– Smooth Beauty

“Blown away! Best wax, so refreshing!”

– Sugarberry

“Love the product and fantastic sales ladies.”

– Maison de beaute'